The new 3-in-1 DASHBOARD works with Photoshop CC

We've just posted an update to our DASHBOARD 3-in-1 software that is fully compatible with Photoshop CC, CS6, and CS5. Feedback from our first users to install it has been great and they love the new interface and new features. I hope you'll give it a try too, it can really make your Photoshop work faster, more beautiful, and more fun! 

The DASHBOARD Pro 3-in-1 is Free to use with any of your own installed actions and also comes with 50 of our essential Photoshop tools. You can demo any of our other effects right there in the software on your own images to decide if you'd like to purchase them.  

Don't underestimate the free DASHBOARD! It's a powerful tool for speeding up your workflow. Download it now for Mac or PC, Photoshop CS 5 or higher. 


2 dashboards.jpg