The Kubota DASHBOARD on CreativeLIVE

Many of you have been watching our friend, Matthew Kemmetmueller aka Matthew the Body, on CreativeLIVE teaching “How to Build a High Volume Senior Photography Business.” He demonstrates the Kubota Action DASHBOARD 4 and how it fits into his speedy workflow. Some of his favorite actions that he mentions are KPD Magic Sharp, Pow Wow, Starburst Vignette, Daily Multi Vitamin, and Crème Brulee. In case you are interested in learning more, we recently completed a quick video by our own Clare Kubota on how to get started using the Kubota Action DASHBOARD 4. This covers the most basic features of the DASHBOARD 4 and is perfect for those just getting started, or who are just wondering what the heck the DASHBOARD does!

Once installed into Photoshop one of the coolest features, I think, is the ability to try every single action we have on your OWN image. How many times have you bought actions just to find out they weren’t quite what you wanted or weren’t adjustable? You will find all of ours are adjustable: You can layer or removing a layer, remove the color in a texture, or change the opacity in an action. How great is that? 

Clare walks you through how to search for actions using keywords like wedding, black and white, seniors, color effects, or you name it. We’ve keyworded every action in the DASHBOARD so you can pull up all the actions that have that keyword associated with it. Or you can just use the drop-down menu to select black and white, image correction, retouching, color effects, basic tools, edges & vignettes and more.

You can also “favorite” actions by right-clicking them in the DASHBOARD, which will put a star next to them so that later you can sort by “favorites,” and your DASHBOARD will show only those.

An additional feature that Clare covers is the ability to paint in a variety of actions. You’ll know if the action is paintable because the paint button next to “apply” is highlighted.

We offer 48 FREE actions with the DASHBOARD that include some basic tools, prepping for FaceBook, black and whites, as well as some fun ones like Just Pop.

If you haven’t already, we hope you will download the DASHBOARD here and give it a spin. We have no doubt you will quickly realize how much faster working in Photoshop and post processing your images can be with all your actions at your fingertips. Let us know how the DASHBOARD has improved your workflow in the comments below or email us We love to hear from you!

Is it time for Maverick yet?

Apple's new OS Maverick is out and I've had several reports from photographer friends and our software customers that it is not always playing nice with Photoshop. If you are in them middle of crunch time, trying to get your customer images out on time, you may want to wait just a bit before upgrading.  

If you do want to upgrade, make sure to have your time machine backup up-to-date, or use some other backup software that makes full, bootable backups – so you can revert easily if the upgrade doesn't go so smooth. SuperDuper and  Carbon Copy Cloner are two long-standing favorites in the Mac community.

Do a full backup of your computer, then update to Maverick, and test. If it doesn't work well, restore from your backup before creating any major amount of work on the new system (or you'll have to re-do that too when you restore the old backup). 

Better yet, hold off a while until Apple or Adobe release updates to address the issues. Giddy-up!

The new 3-in-1 DASHBOARD works with Photoshop CC

We've just posted an update to our DASHBOARD 3-in-1 software that is fully compatible with Photoshop CC, CS6, and CS5. Feedback from our first users to install it has been great and they love the new interface and new features. I hope you'll give it a try too, it can really make your Photoshop work faster, more beautiful, and more fun! 

The DASHBOARD Pro 3-in-1 is Free to use with any of your own installed actions and also comes with 50 of our essential Photoshop tools. You can demo any of our other effects right there in the software on your own images to decide if you'd like to purchase them.  

Don't underestimate the free DASHBOARD! It's a powerful tool for speeding up your workflow. Download it now for Mac or PC, Photoshop CS 5 or higher. 


Two skin options are available initially, more will be coming soon!

Two skin options are available initially, more will be coming soon!