Announcing NEW Lightroom 5 Tutorial by Kevin Kubota

We are super excited to announce that we can finally let Kevin out of his office; he has completed the Lightroom 5 Tutorial ($99)! Lightroom, as many of you know, is an incredibly powerful program. Whether you’re new to Lightroom or just need some time-saving tips, this tutorial will help. In this tutorial Kevin walks you through a complete workflow system designed to help photographers use Lightroom more efficiently;  from the moment you insert the memory card, to exporting the images, to personalizing your Lightroom setup for your workflow.

Included with the tutorial is our Kubota Lightroom Presets Workflow Collection, which comes with over 100 multi-functional presets.

You’ll immediately be emailed links to stream or download the tutorial chapters and install the workflow presets.

Tutorial Overview:

  • Organizing, Storing, and Backing Up Your Files
  • Pre-Import Setup
  • Making Custom Presets
  • Importing Images
  • Selecting Images for Editing
  • Basic Image Adjustments in Lightroom
  • Advanced Image Adjustments in Lightroom
  • Editing Images in Photoshop
  • Exporting from Lightroom
  • Publish Services
  • Printing from Lightroom
  • Other Lightroom Modules
  • Advanced User Tips
  • And much more!

Note: If you already own one of Kevin’s previous Lightroom tutorials you’ll be able to purchase his updated tutorial for Lightroom 5 at the discounted price of $50 here.