How to Be an Overnight Success in 20 Years

I just returned from presenting a short workshop for the Professional Photographers of Oregon, called "How to Be an Overnight Success in 20 Years." In it, I highlighted some of the most game-changing things I did over the past 20 years that made significant improvements to my businesses or life. One of the benefits, to me, of doing these workshops is that I remind myself of what I need to re-focus on. Often we get a little side-tracked, even if you do know where you think you are going. Even if you do have goals, and you know where you are going, the road you were on gets washed out and is closed for construction. You have to find a new way to get back on track. This is where I constantly learn how to do things better.

If you were at the program, please download the program notes and don't forget to use the password I gave out at the beginning of the program to download and open the PDF file!

The following morning, we had a "Trash the Dress" photo session. I led the group in subjecting our lovely bride and groom to jumping on a trampoline on a near-freezing morning, and snuggling to keep warm. We then threw them in a nice heated pool and got some beautiful images. It was a ton of fun and only one photographer, the infamous Andy McDavid, actually fell in the pool too. I came very close to falling in on more than one occassion. :-)

Here are some images and a slide show from the shoot. On the gallery page of the images, I explain how we setup the shots and the post-processing I used with them. I used our Kubota ImageTools Photoshop® Actions, via our Dashboard™, and our soon to be released Textures Pak that we created with Ben Edwards. Look for the new Dashboard™ 3 Pro and these killer textures - also easily applied via our Dashboard™, at WPPI next month!

 This image required balance to capture, Dashboard to process, and Textures to add depth. Find out more...

Here's how I got that shot...thanks to Melissa Hathaway's photo!

I love umbrellas for fun props. The color splash is wonderful.Not your typical bridal headshot! Our lovely bride was a great sport.To see more images, and how they were made, check out the gallery...