Our favorite his and her photo bags: You can win one too!

I have a confession to make. I have a bag fetish. Yes, this is Kevin talking, not Clare. Oh sure, you wouldn't be surprised to hear a woman talking about her bag or shoe fetish, but guys just don't get the same kind of sympathy and respect for admitting they love and covet things to put your feet or your cameras in. Speaking of respect. I also have been working up the courage, for several years, to carry a MAG, or Man Bag. I bought this super cool one in Florence, Italy years ago during one of our photo workshop tours and for some reason I have only been able to carry it proudly when gallivanting around Europe. I envy the man who can strut a swanky MAG and maintain his masculinity – assuming that's his goal.

My MAG, still waiting to be proudly toted on US soil


Clare and I thought it would be fun to share a few of our personal favorite bags for photo related gear. Tamrac makes these particular bags and, jingle jingle bells, surprise! They are giving his and her bags away as holiday gifts too! All you have to do is tweet "I want to win Kevin's bag (or Clares bag) from @Tamrac and @kubotatools!" with a link to this blog post. If haven't ventured in to the Twitterverse yet, you can make a comment here with a link to the bag you covet on Tamrac.com and you just might win that bag! We'll be giving away two bags, his (the 614 or the 5592) and hers (the 5426), to random winners from all twitterers and commenters. Contest ends this Friday at 5pm pacific time and winners will be announced on Saturday, just in time for Christmas!


For years, I've carried and loved my Tamrac Super Pro 14. For me, it's the perfect DSLR carrier for those who prefer a shoulder carry bag. It has all the right pockets, in all the right places AND has a nice laptop pocket in the back which coincidently is perfectly sized to slide in my collapsed 5-in-1 LightDisc from Photoflex - my go everywhere lighting tool. This bag is superbly durable - I've used a version of it for nearly 20 years and never had a rip, break, or failure. I've only had to upgrade when my old bag got so dingy from use that it made me look bad (i.e. not fashionable :-). It also slides perfectly under an airplane seat – laptop and all.
The Tamrac SuperPro 14
Lately, I've started carrying more gear and lighting accessories around with me and my shoulders aren't as compliant as they used to be so I've given in to the luxury of wheeling the stuff around a roller case. Tamrac's 5592 Big Wheels Speed Roller is the perfect size and form for that. I love that it provides nearly the protection of a hard-sided case in a lighter and more functional design. I can fit all the gear that I stuffed in my Super Pro 14, plus a bit more. I like the lid support that keeps it upright while you rummage through it and  the outer pocket also accommodates my 5-in-1 disc or a laptop. It's tough, functional, ergonomic, and well thought out. I have two of these – one for photo gear and the other for speedlighting gear. I can pull them both along by myself for miles without dislocating my shoulders and life is good.
the SpeedRoller 5592
For my daily trips to the office, I love my Tamrac Superlights® Computer Messenger 17. I can stuff my 15" Macbook Pro, iPad with a case on it, portable drives, gadgets, adapters, chargers, sunglasses, compact camera, snacks, and a chew toy for my dog. Oh, and some business cards and a lucky rock I found on the beach. I love the well padded, and grippy, shoulder pad which keeps it comfortably in place. It also has a secret zip on the back that opens to allow it to nestle on your roller bag for all-in-one toting adventures.
The Superlight 17 computer bagClosed, it's clean and sylish
Finally, I always keep my pocket cameras in a protective case and Tamrac has a perfectly sized case for most any point-n-shoot. I use the Express 6 Compact Zip for my mid-size compact and it allows quick access and room to store and extra battery and cards.
Pick a color!

In a future post, I'll share some cool tips and gadgets for going on photo adventures abroad, including my favorite photo backpacks. But wait, Clare is just dying to share her baggy favorites too! 


Hi everyone, this is Clare, Kevin’s wife and partner in all things ;-). I’ve been shooting weddings with Kevin for over 20 years now and I’ve got a lot to say about finding a good camera bag. For years I hoped and prayed for someone to come out with the perfect camera bag for a woman, as I’m sure many others did. Now camera bags for women are popping up everywhere and I’m loving it! When Kevin and I were in New York for the Photo Plus convention last October I got this great bag from Tamrac. Kevin’s been using Tamrac bags forever, so we headed over to their booth to say hello and see what was new. I was immediately drawn to the Tamrac Aria 6. This fun raspberry bag is the same size as my current wedding gear bag, and much cuter ;-). It was also the first Tamrac bag that came in a fun feminine color. The days of all black are over for me. 


The Aria 6 in berry colorinside the Aria 6
The Aria 6 protects all my valuables!
Here are some things I love about this bag: 
  • The size. I’m a petite person, so carrying around a huge bag on my shoulder for an 8 to 10 hour wedding would put me out for at least a week. I don’t think my kids would allow me that much recoup time. I usually have 2 to 3 lenses in my bag and I’m able put all of those as well as a flash in this bag because I have my camera in my hands all the time – so I don’t need a space for it in my bag while I’m working. 
  • There is a nice slot pocket in the back to put any paper work I have as well as a pen or other small items I may need to grab quickly.
  • In addition to the big closure flap there is also a zipper closure that keeps all your gear safe even when you have the flap flipped open. Even with the zipper open the design would still do a pretty good job keeping equipment protected. I can’t tell you how hard this feature has been for me to find!
  • There is a front pocket as well that has a zipper closure. I like this for storing things like car keys, wedding emergency kit items, etc. I can use one hand to open and close it which is a must since I’ve got my camera in the other hand. 
  • It’s got a pocket on each end. Perfect size for my cell phone which I access often to keep track of the time. You’re always on a tight schedule at a wedding! The other one fits a water bottle perfectly, as long as it’s a small one. 
  • Inside there is a padded slot pocket perfect for an ipad. There is also another zipper pocket. A great place to store your cards.
  • The fabric used for the outside of the bag. I’ve had nice clothes ruined way too many times from those rough nylon fabrics you find on many bags. This is nice and smooth which also allows for easy wipe downs when needed. 
  • The strap. It’s adjustable. We’re all different sizes, so adjustability is key! The strap also has an adjustable shoulder pad made with a slightly grippy material on one side. 
  • The chrome buckles. This just adds to the feminine factor. Women love details like that.

If you’re not a raspberry pink kind of person it also comes in a moss green and your standard black and brown


Thanks so much for reading! Enjoy your holidays and I hope you get to make some great memories.

Best, Clare