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A FREE ONLINE Conference presented by the Academy. Need more ideal clients? Want more balance in your life? Make this year different. FOR FREE!
WORKSHOP: Turn It Up 2016
DATE: January 25th - 28th, 2016
COST: $0...It's FREE!
The first truly interactive program of its kind! Growth and success in the photo business is not as easy as following a simple formula. We each have different strengths and weakness, different clients, and different goals. Kevin has trained and consulted with thousands of photographers over the years and will share his personal struggles – and solutions, along with the lessons learned from working with photographers from all parts of the world. YOU can get your burning questions answered, LIVE and in person. Learn lighting, business, sales, creativity, and growth.
TOPIC: Struggling to Grow Your Photo Business? Come Get Answers!
TYPE: Platform Class
DATE/TIME: March 9th, 2016 @ 8:30am - 10:00am
LOCATION: WPPI 2016 at Las Vegas MGM (Room 318)
Entry: WPPI Convention Pass
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There is absolutely nothing like hands on training. It is the most productive path to learning a professional skill. This workshop offers just that; guidance from someone who's been there — plenty of opportunities for you to practice shooting, workflow, selling skills, and get immediate feedback.
WORKSHOP: GROW Photo Workshops - Startup & Grow
DATE: April 17th - 22nd, 2016
LOCATION: Bend, Oregon
ATTENDEES: Limited to 10
COST: $3,600 / $1,000 deposit reserves your spot!
A week-long epic adventure traveling some of the most iconic country roads through the hills of Umbria and Tuscany. We'll twist through the hills, over mountains, along lakes and rivers, and in to medieval villages. No need to worry about your camping gear as we'll stay in beautiful, smaller, locally run inns and hotels. A follow vehicle will carry extra stuff (hey, where you gonna put that suit of armor you buy at the local blacksmith?) so you can focus on riding, and photographing. You don't need to be a professional photographer to enjoy the experience, but you do need to appreciate photography and random stops and explorations for the perfect photo spot. This ride is about taking our time and seeing the beauty of Italy in a fresh and intimate way. Non-riders are welcome too, and will travel in a separate vehicle.
WORKSHOP: Kevin Kubota's MotoPhoto Tours - Italy 2016
DATE: September 30th - 5th, 2016
LOCATION: Umbria & Tuscany, Italy
ATTENDEES: Limited to 5 Riders & 5 Passengers or Non-Riders
COST: Starting @ $2,805 / $1,000 deposit reserves your spot!

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iPhone to print matching: is it possible??

I never thought I'd see the day when I could take a photo on my phone, view & enhance it on the phone, uploaded it to an online photo host, share links with my friends, order prints, and receive color accurate images in the mail. Yet today I'm seeing that day. I've been having fun using my iPhone 4 to capture little snippets of life and then processing them with my new favorite iPhone app, PictureShow, which has basic adjustments, great effects, cool borders, and even nice texture overlays. It really comes closest to what I love to do to my images with Photoshop on my computer. I then upload the images to a photo sharing site with one of my online album iPhone companion apps.
I've tried a lot of the iPhone photo sharing apps, and I like several of them. I love SmugMug and they have several apps that connect to my SmugMug account. I also like iPicasso for connecting to my Picassa albums. But the Phanfare app is really different because it not only lets me upload images to my Phanfare site, but keeps them organized and cached on the iPhone as well (meaning you don't have to be online to see the images on the iPhone). You can take photos with the app or copy them from your iPhone albums. You can also post images directly to your Facebook albums via the app. And, most importantly, I can easily order accurate prints from Phanfare OR print directly from the app to my HP inkjet! There are a couple features I'd like to see improved, like the ability to add multiple photos at one time from the iPhone photo library (currently you have to add one at a time). And, I'd like to see the print order defaults that I setup on the website reflected when I order from the phone. Other than that, it's pretty amazing all the features you get in a free app.


So, I received my first print order in the mail this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see that the prints matched my iPhone 4 screen almost exactly. Wow, that is just weird. If you've been around digital imaging and printing for a while, then you know this is no small wonder. It would seem the iPhone 4 screen is incredibly color accurate and Phanfare's printing is well color managed. I really never expected it to be this easy. I wasn't expecting anything really close in color, I just wanted to see the detail and quality of the iPhone images - which was also very impressive in the 4x6 sized prints. Now, my entire thought process behind iPhone imaging has changed. I will be taking my photos and editing more seriously knowing that they can actually be made in to quality prints. Next up, larger image print tests and an Asukabook photo book all from iPhone images.


Here's a snapshot of the images I loaded in to my Phanfare album. You can see the full-sized images by clicking the collage below to go to my Phanfare site.