PMA 2010 Workshop notes for attendees

Thanks to all who attended my Lightroom Professional Workflow hands-on session at PMA. I apologize that they ran out of chairs for everyone to sit on! It was really exciting to see what PMA has done with their convention - with more of a focus on professional level photography education. I wish I had had more time to peruse the tradeshow floor, but it was a quick in-and-out for me.

The notes from the session are available for download here. You'll need the private password I gave you at the workshop to be able to download or open the notes. If you were there, your feedback is welcomed!

DWF convention in Nashville

Thanks to everyone who attended my program, Lightspeed Workflow & Sales, at the DWF convention in Nashville! You were a great group and I really had fun :-) Thanks for the dance party at the end of the program too! As promised, here are the complete notes for the session as well as the other free goodies I talked about. If you are also looking for the job management software, a link to download it is on the last page of the PDF file. Don't forget, you'll need the password I gave you at the seminar to download and open the files. Happy workflowing!

Here's the link to download the notes and goodies!

WPPI Road Trip Atlanta

Rain rain, go away! Un-seasonable rains greeted us in Atlanta, but it was warmed by the hospitality and friendliness of some wonderful people. The crowd here had a great energy and it was a lot of fun to share some ideas on capture and workflow. Interestingly, the hotel where the convention was at was also host to a cross-dressing/transvestite convention. I had no idea they had conventions for that. Made for an interesting evening at the hotel bar, that's for sure.

Thanks to all who came to the program! Please download the notes here, and don't forget that you'll need the password given to you at the program to download and open the file. Click to Download.