Great way to start the day

This cute video was shared by the winner of the Laying Down Game challenge from WPPI. It just made us all laugh and reminded us why we love what we do so much! Thanks Megan for the kind words and for putting your heart in to it!

AND....This awesome entry didn't win, but she really deserves a prize too for all the effort! In fact, I think I will give her a consolation prize....hmmm, what kind of goodies can we round up....

Skips Summer School - you were there!

If you came to Skips Summer School, and to my program, "The Power of the Project", then you probably want to download my seminar notes :-) I really appreciate everyone who attended the program. Skip's School is a unique learning experience and a fantastic forum for bonding with other photographers who share the same passion for photography and growing their businesses. Thank you Skip Cohen for putting your heart and soul in to it!

You can download the notes here. Make sure you use the password I gave you at the seminar to download and open the file. If you are looking to enter one of the project contests, please click here.

today at Bootcamp

We just finished day 2 of our Digital Photography Bootcamp. Last night, my guest presenter was Gene Higa, a fantastic destination wedding photographer from the S.F. bay area. Gene showed the class how the power of great images, focused marketing, and creative self-promotion can really catapult your business. He is able to travel to the world's most beautiful locations photographing weddings and he was an inspiration to all of us.

Gene also played along with our Laying Down Game competition! He came up with a bold (self-torture?) idea to lie down in a freezing cold, stagnant pond. Way to take one for the team Gene! It'll make a great addition to our Laying Down Game Asukabook someday!

Gene shares his work and sources of inspiration with the class

Anytime is a good time for a little self-promotion!

Gene doing the Laying Down Game for us

Kinda weird, kinda artsy.