Kubota Image Tools 50% Off Holiday Sale


From December 11 through December 20 we'll be featuring one action pak a day at 50% off. Our actions are huge time savers, so if you're not using them for most of your Photoshop workflow, this would be a great time to start! We offer a huge variety of actions for all types of photography. All of our actions come loaded on our Kubota DASHBOARD, which can be downloaded for FREE here. It allows you to demo any of our actions on your own images before you buy them. The DASHBOARD which runs in Photoshop allows you to sort, favorite and keyword your favorite actions making your workflow even faster. Want to see a calendar of what will be on sale? Go here

December 11th Kubota Artistic Tools V1 reg. $179 sale $89.50
December 12th Kubota Artistic Tools V2 reg. $170 sale $89.50
December 13th Kubota Artistic Tools V3 reg. $179 sale $89.50
December 14th Kubota Artistic Tools V4 reg. $179 sale $89.50
December 15th Kubota Production Tools P2 reg. $179 sale $89.50
December 16th Viva La Vintage or Pow Wow sale $54.50 ea
December 17th Kubota Auto Album reg. $99 sale $99.50
December 18th Bor-Tex DASHBOARD Set reg. $447 sale $223.50
December 19th How to Photoshop Everyone Tutorial reg. $129 sale $64.50
December 20th Kubota Complete Photoshop Set reg. $1982 sale $743

Happy Holidays!

Team Kubota