Business tips + 1/2 off business classes

Business tips + 1/2 off business classes

Having a successful photography business has a whole lot to do with providing top notch customer service. You can be successful as a decent photographer with amazing sales & service, but not as an amazing photographer with lousy sales & service.

Here are a few tips that have worked wonders for our photography business:

1. Appeal to all six senses to enhancing the buying experience.

  • Provide something good for each: Smell, sound, touch, taste, sight, and energy

  • Map & analyze every point of contact, like: entry way, candles & scents, music & sounds, wall colors & images chosen for the walls, lights, brochure paper, pens, furniture, verbiage used in your brochure, phone message language...

  • If your customer feels like you pay attention to details they will view you as a professional they are willing to pay for.

2. Set the stage for success.

  • Plant Sales Thoughts e.g. “Most of my clients purchase a couple of matching coffee table books”

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