The new google Photos app for smart phones

I don’t know about you, fellow “smart” phone user, but I have yet to find the holy grail of photo management apps for my iPhone. In this amazing day and age of running water and drive-through coffee shops, why oh why is it so hard for Apple to allow us to name, describe, and search for our photos in our phones? Oh, sure, we can mark a little heart on our favorites, or put photos in albums, but sometimes I just want to name a photo and search for it by name. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so. 

There are 3rd party apps that allow you to do this amazing feat of modern computing, but they also seem to require you to import all your photos from your built-in photo library. I don’t want to have to duplicate or import photos every time I take more. C’mon. If anyone out there is using a photo management app that automatically reads the camera roll AND allows you to name, describe, tag, and search the photos. Please post it in the comments! I beg of you!

In the mean time, Google has released a new free photo management app, called Google Photos. It still will not allow you to name your photos – like we do with all other objects, people, and every digital file in our entire computing world, but it does do some of it’s own magic that is pretty cool – and a step up from the Apple Photos app. Of course, since it’s Google, it’s free and allows powerful searching – although the search is limited to things it automatically deciphers for you. Fortunately, it is pretty smart about figuring those things out. Maybe I don’t need to manually name or describe anything anymore. Can google do the thinking for me? 

Google photos figures out the most photographed people and places in my life as well.

Google photos figures out the most photographed people and places in my life as well.

When I first launched the app, it got busy rummaging through my photos (automatically; no need to “import”). It built categories for faces of people that were common in my photos. It also grouped all my photos by where they were taken – so each vacation, camping trip, and lunar visit had it’s own little set. Then it did something really cool, it started creating groups for common subject matter that I photograph! Apparently I take a lot of photos of Bikes, Cars, Mountains, Flowers, Forests, Food, Lakes, Sky, Lions, Beaches, and Elephants. I was truly amazed at the speed and accuracy of which it ingested and analyzed my life. 

"these are a few of my favorite things..."

"these are a few of my favorite things..."

So, if I tap on one of my son’s faces, it will show me all photos containing that offspring. So far, it seems to be 100% accurate – even finding photos from years past, where they obviously look a little different. I can use the search to actually find a photo by name – although you have to actually find a way to name the photo in another app or on your computer. What’s cool, however, is that when I search for “bird”, for example, it will actually turn up bird photos, even though that wasn’t a category it initially created as one of mine. It seems google is hard at work in the background trying to recognize everything in my photos. To be honest, there was one “bird” photo that was actually a deer in some tall grass, but if you squint your eyes, it kinda looks like a bird taking off. When I searched for "dog" it found all the photos of my cute pup, and also a penguin. I’ll cut you some slack, google. 

That could be a "bird", right?

That could be a "bird", right?

The app will also automatically back up all the photos you take, in medium resolution or full resolution. If you use medium, you have free, unlimited storage. If you use full resolution, you use whatever storage you have left in your regular google account that you use for Drive, Docs, etc. You can always buy more space, of course. 

The app also has features to create mini movies, stories, and collages from your images and video. I haven’t tried all these gadgets yet, but I’m sure they are fun ways to share your view of the world. Of course, you can do basic edit and cropping to your images, like you can in the Apple photos app. Google also owns Snapseed, which is a nice photo editing app, so you can pass them on to that app easily if you want super fancy schmancy editing capabilities.

The app is new, so there are some quirks. Namely, it seems to hang up sometimes when you tap to apply or do something. It seems it happens while it is also busy uploading and backing up your images in the background. It doesn't "crash", per se, it just doesn't respond for a few seconds, then it seems to catch up and all is fine. 

There is also a dedicated website to peruse and play with your photos: So when you backup and tweak your images using the app for iPhone or Android, it synchronizes with the website too. Sharing photos is really easy as you can generate links to email or SMS someone. I love the cool way it creates sharable albums too, although there doesn't seem to be a way to share photos without letting them be downloadable. I guess if you're choosing to share it, you're putting it out there anyway, right?

So, while I have yet to find the perfect photo management app for my iPhone, the Google Photos app is definitely a step in the right direction. If they only could allow us to rename, describe, and tag our own photos, then it would be near perfect. Together with my other favorite tool for transferring photos from phone to computer, PhotoSync, I now have great tools to manage my photos. All I need now are similarly powerful tools to manage the kids in my photos. 

SideKick360 Smartphone adapter

Don't you just hate it when you upgrade your smartphone and all the accessories you bought for it no longer fit or work? That drives me mad. I have a box full of lenses, adapters, steadycams, microphones, cables, cases, and smoothie makers that became instantly obsolete when I upgraded my iPhone – which is pretty often. So it is with open arms that I welcome the SideKick360 Smartphone Adapter. Finally a useful gadget that is universal enough to work with all smartphones – past, present, and (hopefully) future. 

the SideKick360 from

the SideKick360 from

If you use your phone for photography, and who doesn't these days, it's splendiferous to have a way to quickly mount it to a tripod, monopod, GorillaPod, or even a walking stick. The benefits of a steady platform to your image quality are obvious. The base of the adapter even matches the Arca Swiss type quick release, so it drops right in. Panorama images stitch together much nicer when you have a controlled and level rotation of your camera. 

Video recording, video chat, or interviews are so much better when your smartphone is stabilized. I tested this attached to a GorillaPod for a lightweight and portable solution to mounting your phone-cam just about anywhere

The adapter is self-standing too, so it can sit on your desk as a phone holder, keeping it angled exactly where you want it for perfect viewing of your incoming messages or productive YouTube, studying. There is a mini ball head mount that locks with a quick twist, positioning the phone at virtually any angle or rotation. Love it. 

Because of the standard Arca Swiss mount, you could even get creative and attach the holder to the super cool Peak Designs Capture quick release strap mount and make an iPhone POV cam holder.

The grip arms that hold the phone in place adjust to almost any sized phone, even with fatty nuke-proof cases on them. I tested it on several iPhones, young and old, and they all stayed securely in place while I jumped on a trampoline with them. 


  • Well made and sturdy
  • Universal fit
  • Useful on a 1/4-20, 3/8" tripod mount, or on a tabletop alone
  • Adjusts phone to almost any desired angle
  • Comes in a variety of fancy pants colors
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Arca Swiss mount means you can pop it on your pro tripod or a variety of compatible mounts


  • A little pricy at $49 - but worth it considering the quality and lasting universal fit 
  • Could use some hard rubberized grippers around the clamps rather than the grooved plastic which "could" slip, although mine hasn't when properly tightened.
  • The "gold" color I got is actually more like metallic beige