today at Bootcamp

We just finished day 2 of our Digital Photography Bootcamp. Last night, my guest presenter was Gene Higa, a fantastic destination wedding photographer from the S.F. bay area. Gene showed the class how the power of great images, focused marketing, and creative self-promotion can really catapult your business. He is able to travel to the world's most beautiful locations photographing weddings and he was an inspiration to all of us.

Gene also played along with our Laying Down Game competition! He came up with a bold (self-torture?) idea to lie down in a freezing cold, stagnant pond. Way to take one for the team Gene! It'll make a great addition to our Laying Down Game Asukabook someday!

Gene shares his work and sources of inspiration with the class

Anytime is a good time for a little self-promotion!

Gene doing the Laying Down Game for us

Kinda weird, kinda artsy.