1 day, many looks, loads of fun!

This past Saturday I scheduled a full day of shooting for my Lighting Notebook project and realized just how much you can get done on adrenaline, caffeine, and a slice of pizza. We hit 4 different locations and knocked out about 13 different setups using different lighting for each one. Here are a few samples from the day. 


The first shoot was such fun with cute little Kiauna eating her way through the candy store - much to the chagrin of her parents, who hoped she would take a nap soon after we were done. Hah.  I used the RayFlash ringlight mounted on my SB800 and a 10.5mm fisheye for this fun perspective. All the images were processed with my Lightroom Vintage Delish presets and Dashboard tools for Photoshop.



At a local Thai restaurant, Typhoon (very delicious, by the way :-) we setup some romantic, lounge-esque images using the beautiful long curtains that separated the dining areas. For this, a single dive light (500 lumens) was placed behind the couple to silhouette them.


This image was made using Doug Gordon's Torch Light directly overhead and the dive light behind her with a warm StickyFilter over it. I love the TorchLight for it's soft, yet focused beam pattern and the StickyFilters are a quick way to balance the color temperature of a light or add a different mood.
The dive light shot through a slotted dividing wall on her back and the TorchLight for the mainlight on her face. I was able to dial the TorchLight down precisely to match the existing room lighting with its variable brightness control.



Here I used a Lensbaby Composer and the F4 aperture. I bounced two Nikon SB800 speedlights in to the white wall on the left. I triggered them with the new Pocket Wizard FlexTT5. I placed a third SB900 on another PocketWizard behind and to the right to create the nice separation light.




It was a crazy day getting all these, and more, set ups done, but it happened because of my great team of assistants and shooting partner, Benjamin Edwards. Why solo create when you can collaborate!