Love in a Laundromat: Engagement session

How do you make your everyday laundry facility look engaging? Add a lotta love! My goal here was a loose and playful lifestyle session, just like the dream first date - folding clothes together :-) Actually, the fact that the dude is actually doing the laundry probably does make it a dream date!

I used simple speedlights for this setup. I attached them all to PocketWizards to be able to easily sync the inside, and one outside, flash units. The outside one was hung from the awning just outside the window so that it would shine through like late afternoon sun. I placed another speedlight to my right, bouncing it in to the roof, but also directing some of it forward for front fill. The Rogue FlashBender was perfect for that as it creates a large white surface to bounce some of the upward-directed light forward. I used another speedlight to my left directed in to the ceiling for more even overhead light. I placed my fourth speedlight behind lovely Stephanie to rim light her, simulating light through that side window.

The key thing I wanted was to blow out (over-expose) the outside areas to hide the messy and distracting street. I wanted the whole image to feel bright and light. I set my exposure just to the point where the outside was glowing with overexposure, then adjusted my flashes to give me the proper exposure inside.

I processed the images in Lightroom and Photoshop using my Vintage Delish Presets and BorTex Borders and textures.


Kevinkubota-laundry_e-session- Kevinkubota-laundry_e-session--2 Kevinkubota-laundry_e-session-3530 Kevinkubota-laundry_e-session-8085 Kevinkubota-laundry_e-session-8093


Engagement shoot with porn for women

What really turns women on? I verified this with my wife and her cohorts and everybody should really know this…unless you're a terminally single male, in which case that's probably why you're still single :-)  Adam & Alexandra told us during their consultation that they loved to read together. It wasn't the pinnacle of their relationship, mind you, but it gave us something to start with for their engagement shoot. They had his & her Kindles so we asked them to bring the devices along to the session. We also picked out our friends vintage bookstore as a great location to do some images. I imagined them on the floor, surrounded by their favorite books, peaking over each other's shoulder to see what the other was in to. 


When we got to the book store, we started to re-arrange the furniture a bit. Hayley, the owner of Between The Covers book store in Bend, was more than accommodating and told us to move or do whatever we wanted. We always love going in to Hayley's store because she has the coolest books, old-school candies from when we were kids, and a comfy vintage shop.  She also really knows her books! (One time she searched and found a rare out-of-print book I wanted and had a copy for me the next week). Anyway, we started to move things around and Adam grabbed the vacuum to clean the rug they were going to lay on. I made a joke about how that was a huge turn-on for women (my wife clued me in to that one) and immediately I knew what our first shot had to be!


Adam & Alexandra were so much fun to hang out with, and although they kept saying how they weren't comfortable in front of the camera, I would have never guessed! Alexandra had a beautiful, gentle smile and Adam seemed to love snuggling up to her. That's all I needed. Perfect. 


We hit up a few other spots as well to round out the morning and I was sad when we had to end - but hey, someone had to run home and do the dishes.


Almost 2 miles high in Breckenridge

Wow, this week has flown by like quarters in a jukebox. I'm at the Imaging Workshops of Colorado school teaching a 4 day workhop and our shoot was with a lovely young couple, Brittany & Paul. We talked in our class about creating stories for a photo shoot and our goal here was to take the couple out on a date and capture that in photos. Despite the fact that they had 25 photographers circling them like vultures, they didn't hold back on the PDA, which sure made it fun to shoot!

We used natural light for almost all the images. On a few images, I used my translucent 45" disc to diffuse the harsh sun. I added direct flash off-camera via wireless TTL for the image in front of the cute yellow coffee shop. I also used the flash as a backlight/rimlight in the shots of them at the ice cream shop. The main light was just window light.

My class attendees have been wonderful and I've really enjoyed seeing a few repeat workshoppers and meeting some awesome new people too. We had the best time at our party night in Ullers bar where I defended, quite poorly, my self-assigned title of Foosball Champ. (I have to admit that I was really riding on Megans coat tails the whole time.) I completely deny dancing on the air hockey table too...unless pictures surface somewhere.

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