Images from @creativeLIVE final day of the Lighting workshop

We created quite a range of images today, from a traditional bridal portrait to funky steam punk in a dirty alley! It was such a whirlwind 3 days, covering a broad range of lighting styles and techniques from natural light to our final 7 light setup in the alley way. This last shot was made by setting my camera to 2500K white balance for the blue ambiance, then putting tungsten Sticky Filters over all the flash units to bring the flash lit portions closing to normal. I then applied the Lightroom preset called "65 Mustang" from our Vintage Delish Lightroom presets collection. These items are also part of the special lighting package, including my Lighting Notebook, available for a limited time on our creativeLIVE specials page.






Images from @creativeLIVE day 1 of Lighting workshop

Man we had a fun, whirlwind 1st day! We started with natural lighting, adding reflectors, switched to flashlights, then did "safety lighting" with natural light and 2 speedlights in a variety of modifers to create these images. This was from a half day of shooting, tomorrow we'll be shooting all day! Tune in, it's FREE to watch live!