Engagement shoot with porn for women

What really turns women on? I verified this with my wife and her cohorts and everybody should really know this…unless you're a terminally single male, in which case that's probably why you're still single :-)  Adam & Alexandra told us during their consultation that they loved to read together. It wasn't the pinnacle of their relationship, mind you, but it gave us something to start with for their engagement shoot. They had his & her Kindles so we asked them to bring the devices along to the session. We also picked out our friends vintage bookstore as a great location to do some images. I imagined them on the floor, surrounded by their favorite books, peaking over each other's shoulder to see what the other was in to. 


When we got to the book store, we started to re-arrange the furniture a bit. Hayley, the owner of Between The Covers book store in Bend, was more than accommodating and told us to move or do whatever we wanted. We always love going in to Hayley's store because she has the coolest books, old-school candies from when we were kids, and a comfy vintage shop.  She also really knows her books! (One time she searched and found a rare out-of-print book I wanted and had a copy for me the next week). Anyway, we started to move things around and Adam grabbed the vacuum to clean the rug they were going to lay on. I made a joke about how that was a huge turn-on for women (my wife clued me in to that one) and immediately I knew what our first shot had to be!


Adam & Alexandra were so much fun to hang out with, and although they kept saying how they weren't comfortable in front of the camera, I would have never guessed! Alexandra had a beautiful, gentle smile and Adam seemed to love snuggling up to her. That's all I needed. Perfect. 


We hit up a few other spots as well to round out the morning and I was sad when we had to end - but hey, someone had to run home and do the dishes.