Which photography convention should I go to??

Which photography convention should I go to??

One of the great things about our industry is that photographers are social critters. We love to rendezvous at the various conventions to share stories and swap high fives and fanny slaps. Oh, the education is great too, but c’mon – we gotta have new group selfies for our Instagram and FB pages, right?! Yes, we love the schmoozing, but when you shake it all out, it’s what you learn that pays for your trip and, hopefully, much more. 

I’ve been going to WPPI for almost 20 years, and speaking there for 12 years. I’ve attended just about every other convention out there – many of which come and, sadly, go. Honestly, no other convention out there brings together so much education, fun, socializing, and inspiration than WPPI. I have to admit, it is my favorite – and the only one I NEVER miss. There really isn’t any other place to find the world-class speakers with educational programs of such variety, for all ability levels. Well, and there’s Vegas.

So what’s the secret to getting the most out of your frenzied foray with friends at WPPI? I’m sure some of you have tips of your own, and I’d love to hear them in the comments, but here’s what I’ve learned: 

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Brand new summer Photo convention in Vegas

This is exciting! Skip Cohen, formerly with WPPI, has started a great new summer photo convention with some awesome instructors....like me! Actually, what I really like about this convention, other than the amazing price and benefits, is that everyone actually gets to see every speaker! You don't have to pick or choose who you see and worry about missing something great. You get it all. I really like this approach and I like that it's 2.5 days of intensive learning. BAM! What's unique too is that the last day and half is open for private consultations and trainings with any of the instructors. They will arrange them independantly. Look for info on our private and small group consults available during the 19th-20th. The official convention starts the evening of August 16th and continues through mid-day the 19th. I'm really excited about it! Book now at mei500.com and you can be first on our list for private and small group consultations or workshops. Click here to email us to get on our waitlist after you register.