How to: Product Shot Photography

Product shots can be challenging, so when we needed images for some new AsukaBook products Kevin stepped in to show us how it's done! The images will be used for web and print and here are his suggestions on how to get the best shots: 

1-  Get a seamless white background.

2- Work from a shot list so you can check of as you go and don’t miss an important shot.

3-  Set your white balance on the first shot, Kevin recommends using something like the One Shot Digital Target

4- Use soft directional light, so you don’t hide details, or lose them in deep shadows. 

5- Using a tripod is handy so you can be consistent in your settings and you aren’t having to set down and pick up the camera repeatedly.

6- Having a CamRanger hooked to your iPad is great to see the images larger and fine check the focus.

7- In the CamRanger software, you can use grids to make sure everything is aligned properly.

8- Having an assistant is great as they can move the products slightly for you if needed and also because they may see something you don’t.

9- Be sure you have enough power to be able to shoot at a small enough aperture that everything you want to be in focus is in focus.

10- Try a variety of shots until you find the one that best showcases the product’s features.

For this particular shoot Kevin is using his Nikon D800 an 85mm f1.4 lens, a large Photoflex OctoDome, and bouncing a Photoflex Mono Light off the white ceiling. (Snazzy red t-shirt and shorts optional)