Kubota DASHBOARD is a Professional Photographers Hot One

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Professional Photographer 2018 Hot One  
The DASHBOARD is hot!
The DASHBOARD has been honored as one of the featured selections in Professional Photographer magazine’s Hot Ones.

Kubota Market DASHBOARD
Access over 600 actions, borders, and textures, and automate photo editing with the Kubota DASHBOARD for Photoshop. Quickly search your actions, as well as all Kubota effects by name, photography type, and style. Mark your most used effects as favorites. Easily apply or paint on effects, and quickly undo. Export effects for customization and batch processing.
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Thank you for the Hot One Awards!

What a nice Christmas present for us! We just found out that we (Kubota Image Tools and Asukabook) have won FOUR Hot One Awards this year! I'm super excited and very, very thankful to all our wonderful photographer friends for using and loving our products. Thank you, thank you!

AsukaBook Book Bound EXD has won a 2010 Hot One Award in the Contemporary/Unmatted Photo Album.

Kubota RPG SpeedKeys 2.0 has won a 2010 Hot One Award in the Miscellaneous category.

Kubota RAW Workflow for Lightroom 2 DVD tutorial has won a 2010 Hot One Award in the DVD category.

Digital Photography Bootcamp® Workshop has won a 2010 Hot One Award in the Workshop/Seminar category.

The Professional Photographer Hot One Awards honor the photography industry's best new products for professional application. The mission of the awards is to provide Professional Photographer magazine's readership with a compendium of the newest, hottest, most innovative products available. Each year, Professional Photographer editors oversee a submission and judging process that calls on companies in all subfields of the photography industry.