What do uniforms, leopard dresses, vintage bikes, runaway schoolgirls, & sexy Hollywood lighting have in common?

SPA 2011, that's what! The Senior Portrait Artists hold their annual convention in beautiful Palm Springs at the Riviera Resort and Spa. If you are a senior photographer, or what to add that to your photography business, I can't think of a better way to spend your time. This convention is expertly run and extremely well thought out, with more opportunities to learn and get great images than just about any other "seminar" I've been to. I was invited to be a guest speaker and to lead a couple photo shoots. I was pleasantly surprised to find that SPA is all setup with great senior models, fun clothing and accessories, and an abundance of beautiful locations to shoot. It's just a playground for photographers!


My first senior, Emma, is a gymnast and full of energy. While she looks comfortable in just about any setting or outfit, she admittedly is a nature girl - most comfortable climbing trees and running around barefoot. She was wonderful to work with!
Emma's gymnastic skills enabled her to pull off this shot I pictured in my mind even better than I had hoped! She held that balance on the bike for a solid 10-15 minutes without even a wiggle. Amazing!



Kristin was just as amazing too! She carried off elegant Hollywood looks as easily as fun and funky fashion flings! She had a great attitude and willingness to try just about anything. We really enjoyed working with Kristin and creating some great images with her.