Jules Bianchi interview

About Jules Bianchi.
Several years ago, I was invited to speak for a photographer’s group in No. California. One of the attendees was Jules Bianchi and I had heard her name through the network of photographers, but had never met her. She was gathering a few friends together for dinner after the workshop and invited me and my staff to join them. I love getting to know people at my workshops better - and I love sushi, so it was a no-brainer.

We arrived at the restaurant and the group had a table already, and it was buzzing with energy! The only confusing part was that there were two Jules sitting at the table! I quickly learned that Jules was one of twins and Joy Bianchi Brown was also her business partner. Both sisters were full of life, energy, and smiles and we all had a great evening. Interestingly, Jules lives in So. California and Joy lives in No. California but they worked together virtually and also physically when Jules travels to photograph.
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One Best Thing.
Kevin: What is the one main thing that you’ve learned, or done, over the years that has contributed to your success? Can you narrow it down to just one thing or concept?

Jules: The first thing that comes to mind is bringing

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Joe Photo Interview

From the Interviews with Extraordinary Business People.

How it began.
What started as idea for a presentation at the IUSA convention in 2009, grew into something much larger. I planned to interview 10 successful photographers, whose businesses I was somewhat familiar with, and see what they could offer as their top success tips. My list grew, and I actually interviewed 12 photographers and 2 other prominent business people: author Guy Kawasaki, and zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh. I became so excited and inspired by what I heard, that I knew I would have much more to share than what would fit in a 90 minute presentation. So, I will post the full interviews for each person here over the coming weeks and, who knows, maybe I’ll continue my interviews and make a book someday?

About Joe Photo.
I first met Joe at WPPI years ago. I was doing my first major presentation at WPPI, and it was sponsored by Nikon. After I was done, Joe came and said “hi” and we

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