It's all Greek to me!

I just finished a 2-day workshop in Athens for the wedding photographers of Greece. They are a crazy bunch of folks, and very very friendly! Clare and I loved meeting everyone and we had a super time. Many thanks go to Nik Pekridis and his team at Photo Wedding Stories. They put on the event and are an amazing group of talented wedding photographers with a strong commitment to educating each other and raising the bar for the entire Greek wedding industry. 

If you were at the workshop, σας ευχαριστώ

You can download the workshop notes here, and don't forget you need the password I gave at the seminar:


The workshop covered creativity, capture techniques, off-camera flash techniques (to make flash look like natural light), workflow with Lightroom, enhancing in Photoshop, and Sales and marketing tips. In Greece, the photographers shoot often at night, so they are always looking for interesting ways to use artificial light or capture under low light conditions.

I demonstrated the use of my favorite tool, the 45" diffusion disc, while wirelessly firing the SB900 flash through it - triggered by the SU800 transmitter. With this setup, you can create soft, window-like light in very dark locations and by placing a warm Sticky Filter gel over the flash, you can blend it perfectly with any existing light.

We also used the SB900 as a back-light to add a little "Hollywood" to a portrait and create separation from the background. It gives the feel of warm sunlight streaming across the shoulders. We then processed all the images in Lightroom using my LR Presets for a super quick presentation. 

Many thanks to Marina, our lovely model, for sharing her time and talents with us. You can view the full gallery of images here.

An SB900 was fired through a diffuser disc placed just off camera left.