Photo & gadget lovers rejoice! Free admission to PMA/CES

The largest photo and consumer electronics show in history is coming your way Jan 10-13 in Las Vegas and I got word from a friend that they are giving a limited number of free tickets IF you register before Sept. 34th! Just kidding, that's 2 weeks from TODAY. The Consumer Electronics Show has joined with the PMA, which is a group of photo related organizations for photographers, to bring a new and exciting program to photo and gadget enthusiasts and retailers. There will be seminars and education (including 2 sessions on lighting from me) and one of the largest trade shows of goodies to grab a first look at. Use this coupon code to register for free: PMAPHOTOG1

You have nothing to lose for signing up, so reserve your free ticket and join me there!

Get more info and sign up here.

PMA 2010 Workshop notes for attendees

Thanks to all who attended my Lightroom Professional Workflow hands-on session at PMA. I apologize that they ran out of chairs for everyone to sit on! It was really exciting to see what PMA has done with their convention - with more of a focus on professional level photography education. I wish I had had more time to peruse the tradeshow floor, but it was a quick in-and-out for me.

The notes from the session are available for download here. You'll need the private password I gave you at the workshop to be able to download or open the notes. If you were there, your feedback is welcomed!