Wildfire photo last night near Bend, OR

I came home last night after a movie and saw the amber glow in the sky and it felt a bit too close to home. Fortunately, it wasn't close enough to pose any immediate danger (to us), but it was ominous none the less. We all ran up to the upper deck when we got home and watched this scene through the trees. My 8 yr. old son stared silently for a while, then simply said, "I don't like that."

I got a ladder and climbed to the rooftop to get a better vantage point and shot this image with a 70-200mm f2.8 Nikon lens on a D3. It was a 13 second exposure at f3.2 and ISO 500. I downloaded it direct to my iPad, downsized it, and added the border and text with Photogene, then emailed it directly here to the blog from the iPad. Pretty cool mobile workflow, although it would have been cooler if I had done everything from the roof :-)

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