She told me about this lighting combo, and it's great!

She told me about this lighting combo, and it's great!

A customer of ours just let me know that she got a new Stella Light, which is a unique LED battery powered light source that emits a broad, even light. She immediately mated it to her LunaGrip light modifier (on sale right now for $99!) and loved the results! I thought I would share that combo, and some other great LunaGrip pairings, with you here.  

Why use a LunaGrip?

If you want a soft, flattering portrait light, then you generally want to diffuse it. Large soft boxes have always been a first choice for this, but they aren’t always easy to pack, or set up and take down – especially when you consider an ideal size for portraits is about a 40” box. I developed the LunaGrip after 20 years as a busy wedding and portrait photographer. I wanted something that would be easy to pack in my camera bag, work with my speedlights, be light and fast to setup, and give me the most beautiful portrait lighting possible. Westcott, the brilliant lighting company, partnered with me to develop the LunaGrip, a unique handle and mounting system that pairs your flash with a pop-up 5-in-1 reflector/diffuser to softly diffuse the flash, not bounce or reflect it (although it can also be used that way).  

The LunaGrip has several advantages:  

  • You have a versatile tool that can be used in several different ways for various lighting needs.

  • In its primary diffusion mode, it produces the beautiful light quality of a 42” softbox, but at a fraction of the cost, weight, and space.

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