the Laying Down Game

It's official. The JustUs Team has setup

Jed & Vicki Taufer introduced me to this crazy idea when we were out to dinner in NYC for the PPE convention. The concept is simple: lay down, face down, hands to the side, stiff as a board, in unusual places...well anywhere really. Then take a photo of yourself. It's hard to describe why this is so funny. It's just so out of context that it makes me cry laughing whenever we do this. This first image here was taken at a fancy pants restaurant called Tao in NYC and we were promptly asked to leave the restaurant after the photo was taken. Fortunately, we had finished our dinner! We laughed all the way to the front door and then knew we had to see where else we could get kicked out of...the Apple Store? Hotel lobbies? Ice Cream parlors? The middle of the busy street? A crowded night club? You'll have to look at the gallery to see what else we got in to.

From a photographers point of view, the photos may not immediately be seen as "artistic"...but they elicit emotion, some conflicted. It makes you think outside the box and once you start doing it, you begin to look at the world around you in a different way. I posed this challenge to one of my workshop groups (that I taught with Vicki & Jed in Vermont). The class loved it and turned in some crazy, and creative images! You'll see those in there too. It really emphasizes the importance of having a project, no matter how obscure, to stimulate your visual thinking and creativity.

Please be sure to leave your comments: why do you think this is so funny? Why is it so fun? Do you have a LDG photo to contribute? Send it to us at and we'll post it!

Click here to see the gallery of Laying Down Game images!

Laying Down Game in Tao, NYC