Service and Gratitude

I love the holidays. I love the time off with family. I love the reason for the holiday and what we are celebrating. But one thing that seems to affect me the most is the joy and general feeling of cheerfulness that seems to infect everyone. People smile more. Strangers talk to each other more. What can't we be like this year- round? Can we invent more holidays?

At Asukabook, one of our companies, we recently got a wonderful letter that, thankfully, is not unusual. This one was particularly nice, however, and it really reminded me of the power of kind words. It makes me want to do even better. Remember the movie "Monsters Inc."? Of course you do! Well, it's like that - they finally realized at the end of the movie that laughter was 10 times more powerful as an energy source than fear was. I loved that message. Complaints are certainly important to be able to digest - to see where you need to improve. But, isn't amazing how much more affective you can be with a genuine and carefully asserted compliment? Positive reinforcement is a technique we use as parents - instead of scolding a child for what they did wrong, you find a way to encourage what they did right. You find the good behavior - no matter how small, and focus on that. This is much more powerful than constant criticism. That's what the Monsters discovered too.

If only for this brief holiday season, let's find a way to turn criticism into compliments. Tell someone on the street how dashing they look! Dish out a few more kind words and I'll bet that energy will carry much further than you would have imagined. Energy is contagious - so make it good energy!

Here's one of those wonderful letters that we are so grateful for:

"WOW can’t stop telling anyone that asks me that Asukabook USA is an example company with Top of the Line Customer Service, Top of the Line Products and delivers before schedule.

WOW !!!!

WOW !!!!

WOW !!!!

I sent two orders separate by 3 or 4 days, and Asuka team managed to ship them together saving me 100 USD and it was supposed to be delivered on the 14th December according to UPS email and I got them today 11th of December in Christmas time when all International deadlines had been overcome.

For this and much more is the main reason why I can’t stop working with Asukabook USA, I can rely on you and that is good for me and my business.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for all Asuka Team for a great service…

Katie, you should get a raise for the great work you do as a Customer Care Manager….

The orders came with the extra paperwork and Ups thanked me for helping them deliver faster and more efficiently…

Couldn’t be happier with your partnership…

Wishing Asuka Team great Christmas Holidays and a great 2010…

2010 will continue to be a good relationship for us….

Ps. If you can ask Santa Claus to teach other companies to follow on Asuka USA example that would be great…….a nice present for all of us…

Thank you,All the best,Nuno"