Favorite 1-liner bits of advice from photographers everywhere

I ran a fun contest on my Facebook page asking for photographers to share their favorite one sentence bit of advice - either something they've heard, or something they concocted. It was really great to read through them all! The winning one-liner earned it's creator a FREE FULL YEAR membership to SmugMug PRO! Sa-weet deal for sure. You can see the 100+ one-liners on my FB page if you're looking for some laughs and inspiration. I had to ask my staff to pick the winning entry as I just had too hard a time. The top 10 are here...and the winner was....

Erin Wray Cady
I heard this one early on and it stuck with me:

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

The other top 10 were...


Heather Brizendine Gill
Never stop learning - everyone has something to teach you!

Jennifer Lebron
Connect to a community & create conversations about what you love.

Sally Benn Clark
Above all else, be yourself.

Diane Nanos Parsons
Have great customer service! You can be the best photog in the world but no one will book you without your customer service (Smug Mug is a GREAT example of perfect CS!)

Riz Crescini
You need new equipment like you need a hole in the head. Invest in yourself instead!

Courtney Paine Bodily
Believe in what your doing, believe in who you are!

Colin Vincent
As a photographer, one of your goals should be to make pictures *with* things, rather than to take pictures *of* things.

Conrad Flemming
The best photography investment I've ever made was buying comfortable shoes.

Russell Haddock
Do or do not....there is no try - Yoda :-)


I actually like Russell's recitation of Yoda myself!