Cool efficiency tip for dual computer users

Many photographers, myself included, use two computers - a laptop and a desktop. In my office, I have both running at the same time and I switch back and forth between them throughout the day - sometimes grabbing files off one computer and sending them to the other, sometimes running Photoshop on one while doing email and other administrative tasks on the other. Well, being a workflow freak, I'm always looking for ways to be a little more efficient and using two monitors connected to one computer is by far one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to increase efficiency. I've done this for many years. However, using two computers is not really efficient - although sometimes necessary for security, multi-tasking, or processing power. Not any more though, as I stumbled on a Mac utility called Teleport that is so simple and effective, I can't believe I hadn't heard of it before now.


Teleport simply connects your two Macs in the background so all you have to do is move your mouse to the edge of your screen (wherever you specify) and it jumps to the other computer - allowing you to keep controlling it with the same keyboard and mouse. Shazam! It's fast, seamless, and incredibly useful if you are constantly switching between computers. You can drag-and-drop files between computers by simply grabbing it from one screen and dragging it to the other. The setup took less than a minute and it worked perfectly right away. The software is free to try and it's donation ware, meaning you can donate a payment to the author if you find it useful. I'd say it's VERY useful.


This is my office work area below. I have my laptop connected to a color accurate Eizo monitor where I can display the images I'm working on from Photoshop. I keep my palettes and other stuff on my laptop screen. The desktop computer is on the right and I can jump to it by simply moving my mouse off the right edge of my laptop screen. I do things like rendering video and keep my archival files connected to the desktop computer and access them frequently. Now it's much quicker and easier to work between two separate computers.


It would be nice if Teleport worked on PCs too, so you could jump from Mac to PC, but I don't have any PCs in my office so it's not an issue for me.






The Teleport preference pane where you arrange your second computer so it knows where you want to move your mouse to get to it.