SWPP Yin Yang Workshop with Doug Gordon

Doug Gordon and I shared the room last night to share some of the most important differences and similarities in our businesses and photographic style. Each time I work with Doug, I appreciate what he does even more. He's a fantastic educator and amazing business man, not to mention he's a great photographer. It was a pleasure to do a little public banter with him :-) Doug also has his disturbing to some, wallpaper for others, new Animoto ad photo on his blog. Check it out.

Here are the program notes, and don't forget to use the password we gave you at the workshop!

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NYC workshop with Doug Gordon and I

It's funny how opposites attract. Doug Gordon and I couldn't be more
different in our approaches to the art and business of wedding
photography and yet we seem to compliment each other quite well. I
always enjoy doing workshops in tandem with him as I feel like we can
offer people a really broad and diverse perspective in to how to
capture great images and run a successful business. He certainly knows
what he's talking about with a bustling studio, staff of 27, and
nearly 1000 weddings a year - amongst many other things. He took the
class through a wide variety of shooting conditions and locations on
the first day of the workshop and I shared tips on creativity, capture
technique, inspiration, branding, and of course, workflow. It was a
power packed 2 days (actually more than that really, including the 5am
Trash the Dress shoot). Now I just need to figure out if I'm the + or
– pole.

The workshop sold out and we had nearly 100 people on the waiting
list, so thanks to those who registered early! I really enjoyed
meeting all the new people, and seeing some familiar faces too. Thanks
again to everyone who attended! I hope we'll see you again soon :-) If
you were in the workshop, you can download the notes from my program
. Don't forget, you'll need the password given to you at the
workshop to open the downloaded file!