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Do you use Fundy Designer?

Even though we provide AsukaBook Maker, a free album design software, along with a number of other tools, we know that some users have other software preferences. As we always strive to meet our customers needs and wants, we partnered and integrated with Fundy Designer years ago to make it another album layout option. Our friends at Fundy are offering you $50 off any new purchase with code: ASUKA50. This is a limited time offer.

We know photographers love the speed of our professional auto design. With just a few clicks, a first draft of your album is ready in seconds. But then you’re in complete control to customize the designs with the Quick Design Picker®, one of the most powerful layout tools in the world. With these five tips, you’ll be designing albums faster than ever.

TIP #1
When you first open the Quick Design Picker, you might think you’re viewing templates, but we’re automatically generating beautiful designs based on your images – and that is key. Templates force your images into a design, but the Quick Design Picker is designing and customizing for your images. Use the two big arrows to shuffle through more design options instantly.

Fundy Designer

TIP #2
When you see a layout concept you like, the smaller arrows on the left and right of the design allow you to look through additional options that are similar to that concept. Simply click through until you find exactly what you want.

Fundy Designer

TIP #3
When you open the Quick Design Picker, you’ll notice that all your designs with main images are on the left hand side of each spread. By selecting the flip icon you can move all of the main images to the right side of the spread with one click.

Fundy Designer

TIP #4
With the shuffle button, you’re able to see an entirely new set of designs with endless combinations of verticals, horizontals and squares. The more photos in the design, the more options you’ll have. With the shuffle button there millions of additional designs at your fingertips.

Fundy Designer

TIP #5
You also have control over the ratio of your images instantly. Want to just see just 3:2 ratio photos with no cropping of your images? Click the 3:2 ratio. Want to see designs where all of the accent images are square? Click on the 1:1 option. Then if you want to see all of the design options again, simply click on the reset button located in the bottom left of your screen.

Fundy Designer

Watch the Quick Design Picker in Action

Studio Elle Album Designs Customized Guest Books

AsukaBook layflat albums filled with beautiful engagement photos make for fantastic guest books. View example.

We have found that the Sharpie® Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers work best on our Laminate Matte or Varnish finished paper, or Art paper, but be sure to request paper samples to test before choosing your pen and paper finish.
Studio Elle Album Designs Experience Beautiful Samples In Person

We have beautiful pre-designed sample coffee table style books, albums, and digital and display products, as well as mounted cover swatches, available for you to purchase or borrow. Learn more.

You can also request us to send you free pre-designed page samples that display our quality printing and paper finishes, along with small cover material samples.
Clare Attitude of Gratitude Winning Over
Challenging Clients

Are you grateful for your difficult clients? Being grateful is certainly easier when things are going well in your life – when we're working with amazing clients, capturing incredible images, and making good money. It might not be so easy when you’re experiencing the flip side of that. However, the most growth and learning comes when we are pushed to deal with difficult situations.

Some of my best experiences of this, with our business, have been when we've had upset clients. As difficult as it is to hear that someone isn't happy with something, we've learned to appreciate those calls and emails. They are opportunities for improving our business, and we've been able to turn many unhappy clients into some of our best clients.

Tips for dealing with upset customers:
  1. Respond quickly, but not too quickly. When you get an email or voicemail from an upset client your initial response is to get defensive and take what was said personally. Take a deep breath, calm yourself, and try your best to see things from the clients perspective – no matter how difficult that may be. Sometimes this can take 5 minutes, sometimes a few hours. Do your best to get back to them the same day they contact you.
  2. Everyone has things going on in their lives that adds to their stress. When we remind ourselves of this it helps us to be empathetic, and not take things so personally.
  3. Call whenever possible. Misunderstandings can happen via email. If someone is upset, I want to get them taken care of as quickly as possible and avoid back and forth email.
  4. Prepare yourself to really listen and hear them. That’s usually what they want most – to feel heard and understood. Ask them what you can do to make it better. If they see that you have a desire to improve the situation this can calm things dramatically. You may not always be able to do what they ask, but asking is important. I've had clients who have given us great suggestions to improve something in our business, and we've implemented them.
  5. Let them know you appreciate them giving you the opportunity to make things better.
I can’t guarantee that these suggestions will work all the time, but they've worked wonders for me in countless situations. You don't need to be a pushover to deliver great customer service, but when you let someone know you've heard them, they will be much more open to hearing your side as well. Almost always, you can reach a happy compromise. – Clare Kubota
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