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Italian Dolomites Photography Tour
with Kevin & Clare Kubota
June 23rd-30th, 2018
The Italian Dolomites are a mountain range in northern Italy, just a bit north-west of Venice. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2009 as a landmark area of particular beauty and significance to the entire world. Up in these majestic mountains lay some of the most beautiful and heart-stopping views that you'll find anywhere in Italy. Kevin & Clare have been working hard behind the scenes to create one of the most amazing photo adventures imaginable and they want to share it with you! If you are a motorcycle rider, you can even rent a bike and carve up the mountain roads with Kevin, Max, and their small group — rendezvousing with the others for delicious Italian country meals and explorations together. Don't miss this intimate adventure that promises to be an experience you'll savor forever. Find out more here...

Kevin Kubota 2018 Santa Fe Workshop
Santa Fe Workshop with Kevin Kubota
Dramatic Portraiture w/Simple Lighting
April 1st-6th, 2018

The famous Santa Fe Photographic Workshops has asked Kevin to teach a week-long hands-on workshop to explore his dramatic portraiture techniques using very simple but powerful lighting tools and techniques. Kevin will delve deeper than ever in to the concepts behind dramatic portraits, and the 5-day format allows for time to really hone your lighting magic as well. Come prepared to photograph and create like never before! Find out more here...

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Kevin Kubota's Lighting Notebook: 101 Lighting Styles and Setups for Digital Photographers
Kevin's award-winning Lighting Notebook is still one of the most comprehensive and inspiring books on photographers shelves.

Are you at the point where you need to learn more about lighting to take your photography to the next level? Or do you need some lighting inspiration to keep you feeling creative? This complete lighting education bundle comes packed with tips, tricks, and step-by-step how-tos. Learn more about this must-have guide here...

Kubota Lightroom Workflow and Presets
Lightroom workflow & preset paks starting at $15...
Kevin's award-winning Lightroom tutorial walks through a complete workflow system designed to help photographers use Lightroom efficiently. This five-hour tutorial is broken down into sections that can be streamed online or downloaded, so you can start from the beginning or go directly to the sections you choose. Kevin has also created dozens of amazing, easy to use presets for all styles of RAW or JPEG images to enhance and add effects with one click. The Workflow Collection set also includes several presets for exporting your images, creating web galleries, prepping for slideshows and the lab, and lots more, saving you tons of time. Learn more.