I sure hope it rains on your wedding day!

Umbrella Clare and I used to joke with our clients (somewhat seriously) that if they hired us, they'd have good weather on their wedding day. And, after over 20 years of photographing weddings, we only really had one that was seriously altered because of rain. Good luck? Maybe. Either way, we would always plan for any kind of weather and began storing fun colored umbrellas in our trunk to bring to every event. Umbrella Soon we found that the umbrellas could be great props even if it didn't rain! We stashed enough for an entire wedding party and did some really fun images with the rainbow of coverings. They are also great sun shades to keep your subjects cool when photographing in full sun, and they can be great diffusion for the sun so your portraits don't endure such harsh lighting. If you use a brightly colored umbrella for diffusion, Umbrella just pay attention to the color cast it may impart and either compensate with your white balance or use it for effect. Having a prop to hold generally makes people more comfortable in front of the camera, so umbrellas tend to loosen up the poses and help our brides relax. You may not want to use them at every wedding, but keeping a few in your car gives you options and keeps you prepared for anything. Let it rain!