Enhance your photo albums with a slideshow QR code

If you're creating printed albums for your clients, here's a little tip that can add a some spice to them. Design in a QR code that, when scanned with a smart phone, will open up and play a video slide show of your images – or a video of you dancing with a towel on. Try this example:

Animoto is a perfect service to create the videos, we use it for all our client sessions and it only takes a few minutes to make a slick video with music. Once you complete the video, copy the link to it or upload it to a video hosting service, the follow these simple instructions. 

  1. visit the video on youtube or wherever you want to keep it
  2. copy the URL from the share link of the video
  3. Go to goqr.me and create a free URL link QR code using your video link. 
  4. Download the QR code as a graphic you can add to your album layout or cards!
at goqr.com you can create all kinds of QR codes for free.

at goqr.com you can create all kinds of QR codes for free.

You can put any link you want in your barcode, so the video doesn't necessarily have to live on YouTube. You can link directly to the video page on Animoto, or Vimeo, etc. YouTube videos will open and play automatically in the YouTube app on most phones. 

Hey! Maybe put the QR code graphic at the beginning of your album, with some text explaining what it does. Or, drop it on the last page with a screenshot of the video page. We use Asukabook, of course, as they are beautiful, high-quality, and easy to self-design. You're creative, find a way to share that video and bring your albums to life!

You need to have a QR code reader app on most phones to be able to scan these codes. For iPhones & Androids, there are free & cheap apps that will scan QR codes.  These below are a couple of my favorites: 

  • ProCamera 8 - a powerful camera replacement app that will also scan bar codes quickly!
  • Scanbot - nicely designed scanner app that can automatically upload your scans to cloud services, like Evernote, google drive, Dropbox, etc. Free in basic version!
Here's another one to try. Shameless plug ;-)

Here's another one to try. Shameless plug ;-)

Can you think of other fun ways to use the QR code for your videos? Let me know in the comments.