Attention DASHBOARD Users


If you are a user of the Kubota DASHBOARD for Photoshop, you really need to read this as it has important information regarding your use of the software! I’ll make it quick, I promise.

The DASHBOARD has been offered as a free bonus to purchasers of our Photoshop actions for several years. For many, it has become an indispensable tool for working efficiently in Photoshop and I know personally that I would never want to work without it. However, with the recent and frequent changes to the Photoshop plugin system by Adobe, we can no longer maintain the DASHBOARD and continue to update it without charging our users a very small monthly fee - less than a fancy cup of coffee. Wait! keep reading…

  • The actions that you purchased are available to you and we can provide you with the .atn files to use them in the traditional Photoshop action palette.

  • Remember, the DASHBOARD is a FREE bonus piece of software that makes using actions in general far easier and faster. We only charge for the actions and effects.

  • Keeping the DASHBOARD running requires server fees and developer fees, so we need to charge a little to keep it going and updated. Makes sense, right?

  • If you decide the DASHBOARD is not worth $2.99 per month to you, do nothing and it will be turned off on April 22nd.

  • Once your DASHBOARD is turned off, we are happy to provide you with the .atn files for actions you’ve purchased, on request, free of charge. You can use the .atn files indefinitely.

  • If you rely on the DASHBOARD like I do, and wouldn’t want to live without it, subscribe now for $2.99 per month and it will continue to work for you (currently in PS version CC back to CS5) and potentially allow us to work on staying current with updates to Photoshop (PS version CC 2014 and beyond).

  • I hope you’ve found the DASHBOARD to be valuable and a significant time saver. For anyone who uses it regularly, it is easily worth $2.99/mo. Please understand that keeping that piece of software running, and frequently updated, costs us money and we have to charge a little for it to make business sense. Our original intention was to keep the DASHBOARD a free product, but Adobe’s updates have mandated that we completely rebuild it, several times, and it is too expensive to maintain without ongoing support from our users.
Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate you as a customer!

Click here to start your DASHBOARD subscription.