The camera that is blowing up social media: Nikon D750

Smaller, lighter, and more features. I love technology! The new Nikon D750 shines.

Smaller, lighter, and more features. I love technology! The new Nikon D750 shines.

I'll start off with saying that I already ordered mine. I admit, I couldn't resist this amazing new camera at an amazing price. I have a Nikon D800 and love it, but there are a few little things I wish it could do to make it more video friendly. The Nikon D750 seems to have addressed all the needs of the serious videographer who also appreciates an exceptional still camera. 

Besides the things that I love about the previous D800, including amazing image quality and clean high ISO performance, here are the standout features of the new D750 for me:

  • Spot white balance - You can select an object already in your scene to create a custom white balance from. 
  • Highlight-weighted metering - You can have the camera perfect your exposure based on highlights in the scene, ensuring important detail is not lost.
  • Tilt screen - finally! Shoot high! Shoot low!
  • HD video at 60 - beautiful slow motion
  • Better viewfinder with ability to adjust color to match other monitors! Finally!
  • Auto ISO while video recording - keep your shutter and aperture constant and let auto ISO adjust the exposure as you move from light to dark to light. Awesome.
  • Built-in WiFi and control app - less external gadgets to connect and a new range of options for remote shooting and viewing
  • L, M, S still image capture resolutions - You don't have to use all of that big, beautiful 24.3 MP sensor if you don't need it. Save smaller files and speed up your post-processing
  • 9 shot auto-bracketing for easily creating a series of images for HDR post-processing. and also includes in-camera HDR for less post-processing.

All this for $2296 right now at B&H! What's not to love?

You can read all the specs on Nikons page, which includes a compelling promo video and a "making of" video that is very inspirational and worth a watch.

Do you see yourself owning one? What will you photograph with it? I'm definitely more inspired to work on new video projects and I think it will be my all-in-one travel camera as well. Technology truly enhances our lives when it inspires us to do more of what we love, be more creative, and share our vision with the world. Now, what about that iPhone 6...