Travel to Bolivia with Kevin Kubota

Join Kevin, Benjamin Edwards, and Andrew and Marianne Nicodem on their second Workshops with Purpose trip—this time to Bolivia!  The trip will take place on October 9-17, 2014, in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and the surrounding villages. The goal of Workshops with Purpose is to equip media professionals by providing opportunities to advance their craft in a global environment, immersing themselves in other cultures, and realizing the power of relationships and storytelling—while giving back.  The focus of this trip will be to support the efforts of the “Little Ones” project, which is devoted to helping mothers care for their children and provide the nutrition they need. You can view their amazing work in this video here.  

During the workshop the latest in workflow, editing, and off-camera lighting techniques will be covered; along with the logistics of working with a non-profit, and troubleshooting while working on location. Discussions will also include using your unique talents to inspire and give back; all while working alongside Kevin, Benjamin, Andrew and Marianne!

There are only 12 spots available to attend this workshop and they will fill up quickly. Be sure to fill out an application if you are interested in making a difference, and participating in this life-changing journey.