Venue Photography Tips

Guest post by Byron Roe of Byron Roe Photography 

Just imagine being able to show off your wedding images at a specific venue with complete control over the final product rather than just sending images in hopes that they’ll use some in their marketing!  Welcome to the world of venue albums.  

This is where the phrase, “you got to spend money to make money” becomes real clear as it’s a no brainer why you wouldn’t want to help out your favorite venues in booking more weddings by displaying your images within a high quality album.  It’s a total win/win in this case as the venue gets a super professional album to showcase what they have to offer, (in an actual wedding), and they promote YOU by taking it out and showing newly engaged couples looking to possibly book that venue.  

We started focusing on helping our favorite venues in this way a number of years ago and it’s been really satisfying and confident building when you see these venues at tradeshows and they have your album on their table, (you can’t put a price on that!).  We’ve ended up making such better connections with these venues that being listed in brochures and on their website’s as preferred vendors was all now possible.  These connections become so strong when you give to this level that we’ve even seen event managers move on to other venues and place us automatically on their preferred vendor list!  Oh, and yes, we get bookings from brides who see these albums!!!

When constructing an album for a wedding venue don’t forget to highlight the best of the best images, including more images of what that venue would want to showcase, (rather than what your client might want).  Keep the album to around 20 pages and make sure to place your logo on the first page (with your website address!!) and then again on the last page, so their’s no question about who’s work they’re looking at.  Also, it’s super important that you make sure you choose a cover and pages that are durable so that album continues to look great after so many hands have touched it.  If you need to spend more money in this regard go for it, you want and need to put your best foot forward since this album represents what a client would get if they purchased an album from you.  

Like your website, your album in the hands of a wedding venue is your handshake to so many new brides (and future clients) and you definitely want to blow them away!!

Byron Roe

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