Thirst Relief Mentor Auction 2014


You can bid on 90 minutes with Kevin Kubota and other industry leaders during the Thirst Relief Mentor Auction going on now! "The mission of the annual Thirst Relief Mentor Auction is twofold, to save lives and change the world by utilizing the incredible talent and generosity of the photography industry and to create better and more successful photographers." 100 percent of the money raised from the auction goes directly towards saving lives through Thirst Relief. The Thirst Relief Mentor Auction takes place via ebay February 6th-9th, 2014. The auction ends around 11pm EST on February 9th. This year they will be staggering auction times by 3 minutes so you can bid on multiple mentors up until the very end!

In addition to time with Kevin, top bidders can also receive goodies from these sponsors:
- Kelly Moore Bag - Top 5 overall bidders get bag of their choice
- BlogStomp - ALL winning bidders receive 50% off the BlogStomp app. Also the top 10 overall bidders receive a free copy of BlogStomp
- Into the Dark Room - All auction winners a free one year membership to our Pro plan ($480 value). All bidders 50% off the first year of our Basic membership plan
- Think Tank Photo - Top 2 overall bidders get free camera bag