The perfect new Nikon...or is it?

Nikon recently introduced the new D4s pro camera and it's available for pre-order now at B&H. It looks like an amazing camera, with a perfectly manageable 16.2MP full-frame sensor, 60fps 1080p HD video, a native high ISO of 25,600 that can be pushed to an amazing 409,600 ISO, and it's just fast, fast, fast!

Did Nikon finally provide us with the perfect pro camera? Could you buy a ranch in a third world country for its $6500 retail price? Will you be the envy of gear geeks everywhere? I think "Yes" to all the above!

I currently use a Nikon D3s and a D800. I love both cameras but find the D3s to be my favorite for pure pro shooting pleasure. It handles beautifully, is incredibly fast to focus and shoot, and the low-light performance is awesome. I can focus in near darkness and the noise levels are about as good as it gets – from any camera. Maybe until now. 

For travel photography, however, I prefer the smaller and lighter D800. My main complaint with the D800 is the file size is just soooo big that it requires lots of storage upgrades and a very fast computer to manage the RAW files comfortably. I really love the image quality, so have designed my workflow around dealing with it. (See my previous review of the D800 vs D600 for more info)

If the D4s performs as good as it looks on paper, then I'll be ready for a camera upgrade. I am glad Nikon did not go megapixel crazy with the D4s as 16MP is about perfect for any job I do. For weddings, this would be a stellar camera. I wonder if they'll take small animals in trade...