SideKick360 Smartphone adapter

Don't you just hate it when you upgrade your smartphone and all the accessories you bought for it no longer fit or work? That drives me mad. I have a box full of lenses, adapters, steadycams, microphones, cables, cases, and smoothie makers that became instantly obsolete when I upgraded my iPhone – which is pretty often. So it is with open arms that I welcome the SideKick360 Smartphone Adapter. Finally a useful gadget that is universal enough to work with all smartphones – past, present, and (hopefully) future. 

the SideKick360 from

the SideKick360 from

If you use your phone for photography, and who doesn't these days, it's splendiferous to have a way to quickly mount it to a tripod, monopod, GorillaPod, or even a walking stick. The benefits of a steady platform to your image quality are obvious. The base of the adapter even matches the Arca Swiss type quick release, so it drops right in. Panorama images stitch together much nicer when you have a controlled and level rotation of your camera. 

Video recording, video chat, or interviews are so much better when your smartphone is stabilized. I tested this attached to a GorillaPod for a lightweight and portable solution to mounting your phone-cam just about anywhere

The adapter is self-standing too, so it can sit on your desk as a phone holder, keeping it angled exactly where you want it for perfect viewing of your incoming messages or productive YouTube, studying. There is a mini ball head mount that locks with a quick twist, positioning the phone at virtually any angle or rotation. Love it. 

Because of the standard Arca Swiss mount, you could even get creative and attach the holder to the super cool Peak Designs Capture quick release strap mount and make an iPhone POV cam holder.

The grip arms that hold the phone in place adjust to almost any sized phone, even with fatty nuke-proof cases on them. I tested it on several iPhones, young and old, and they all stayed securely in place while I jumped on a trampoline with them. 


  • Well made and sturdy
  • Universal fit
  • Useful on a 1/4-20, 3/8" tripod mount, or on a tabletop alone
  • Adjusts phone to almost any desired angle
  • Comes in a variety of fancy pants colors
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Arca Swiss mount means you can pop it on your pro tripod or a variety of compatible mounts


  • A little pricy at $49 - but worth it considering the quality and lasting universal fit 
  • Could use some hard rubberized grippers around the clamps rather than the grooved plastic which "could" slip, although mine hasn't when properly tightened.
  • The "gold" color I got is actually more like metallic beige