And the Color Explosion Winner is...

If you want to see some amazing color-infused images, take a creative break and cruise over to ViewBug where I was the judge for their Color Explosion photo contest. I shared some feedback on the images too, hopefully to generate some conversation on what to look for – or what moves us when looking at images. The images submitted were beautiful and it really motivated me to work harder on giving myself personal projects – like, well, a Color Explosion project.

Giving yourself a project with focus, like this, helps you fine tune that particular aspect of your photography. Next time, focus on composition only, then the next project might be “hidden elements”, etc. Over time, you’ve worked on several qualities and they become part of your daily photographing repertoire. 

Take a look at the finalists and maybe share your favorite in the comments, with a little review of your own. I find it really helps me to think about and write down WHY I like something because it helps me to understand the thought process better – which inevitably helps me learn too. 

By the way, ViewBug is one of my new favorite sites. It contains so many beautiful images that I get inspired just perusing through it daily. They also have contests of all sorts, so you can win goodies if you participate often…and submit nice images, of course :-)

View the Color Explosion contest winner, honorable mentions, and finalists here.

You can also see all the images in the running for “Image of the Year” and vote on your favorite if you want. Check that contest out here: ViewBug Image of the Year Contest. There are some incredible images there!