Tune in to SPTV.me this weekend for thousands in gear gifts & lighting tips!

Join Kevin Kubota and Sandy Puc as they launch the newly reimagined SPTV.me photography education series with a fun holiday gear, gift-giving, and lighting episode! In addition, Kevin will present a full lighting demo:
Beautiful lighting from one small bag.
Why is speedlighting so popular? For the same reason that wearing cotton underwear is better than rusty iron skivvies – they are lighter, easier to move with, and don’t cause chaffing! You can do amazing things with speedlights, if you have the secret skills and a simple collection of the right accessories.

Using live demos, Kevin's class will cover:
  • Create the three most important lighting styles with minimal equipment, in studio or on location.
  • Balance your flash with existing light for dramatic effects.
  • Learn how to take high-speed sync to the next level.
  • A simple system for metering and balancing light from multiple sources.
  • Using just ONE speedlight to dramatically enhance any images.