Are you ready for a different kind of inspirational workshop?

Readers of my blog may remember I personally attended an amazing workshop a few months ago called "What If". It was not a photography workshop, per se, although I did see several of my photo industry buddies there. It is an inspirational, motivational, eye-opening, fear-facing, soul-searching kick in the pants! It was exactly what I needed at a time when I was really overwhelmed and a bit confused (actually, that sounds like me every day!)

What If is holding another great event, The dates are Feb 3-7 at a Dude Ranch just outside Phoenix. They have a ridiculous amount of things happening from the Test Kitchen to the Quick Talks to the regular sessions, and an incredible line up of speakers. The website is here:

I really believe that we need to continually educate and motivate ourselves as part of our normal routine. We shouldn't be waiting until we are desperate or at wits end before looking for help and guidance. Pre-emptive education is wise. Post-need education is learning things the hard way. 

What are some workshops you've attended that changed your life?