Tutorials, Actions, and Kevin Kubota’s Secret Hiding Place

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Where in the World is Kevin Kubota?

As many of you know, AsukaBook is under the Team Kubota umbrella. Kubota Staff and Kevin’s brilliant wife Clare, were in attendance at Imaging USA in Phoenix last week, working at the AsukaBook booth. Many of you came to the booth asking where Kevin was hiding. But for those of you who did not come ask, we thought we would share…

Kevin, either by choice or by influence from Clare, stayed back (slaving away back at the office) working on some new Photoshop Actions and a new Lightroom tutorial. YAY!

Although he surely missed seeing everyone, we are pretty sure he enjoyed the peace and quiet. And from what we can discern after returning from the show, his productivity was astounding.

p.s. If you have an idea for a new action let us know in the comments below.