Solution to a midlife crisis

So I get up this morning and realize I'm having a midlife crisis. It didn't just happen overnight, but the realization that what I was feeling is actually commonly referred to in this way did. I had a heart-to-heart with my very supportive wife last night and let loose some of the feelings and fears I had, and she offered up several thoughts – including writing about it in my journal. She also suggested that I share my feelings with friends and people who sincerely care, which honestly has been a bit tough for me in the past. Not surprisingly, this started the wheels in motion. 

As soon as I walked in the office, I sat down in a quiet place to write in my journal as directed. Just as I ran out of things to whine about, I received a long overdue phone call from a good friend, Tamara Lackey, who I'm mentioning by name not so that I can impress everyone with my circle of famous friends, but because she is actually an integral part of this whole story. So, I figured it was rather serendipitous that she happened to call at this particular time so I might as well go with the flow and open my door a little. I told her a bit about my quandary and as usual she cheered me up with sarcasm, and inspirational ideas – something she's uniquely adept at.

Low and behold, she shared her new blog with me,, which seems to speak directly to the things I want to hear right now. It's all about mind, body, health, relationships, and time management. How did she know? She also mentioned a workshop she's speaking at in Los Angeles, just next week, which also happens to be something that really resonated with me. It falls on a day when I don't have anything going on. How perfect. I signed up immediately.

The workshop is called the What If Daycamp and it's not a "photography" workshop. It is designed to awaken those dormant creative sparks inside of us all. The What If site says,

"The What If DayCamps are a super charged boost of inspiration and motivation—a power packed kick in the pants for attendees who are ready to take their business (and life) by storm. 

Day Camps are all about providing you practical tools to help you get from where you are now to where you truly want to be. This is actionable, applicable education – you will leave camp with tools you can use to get things done."

That sounds really good to me. It's funny how doors start to open when you actually look for your keys. 

So next week I'm putting on my listening cap and looking forward to something new and different. Maybe it will provide answers that I need, or maybe it will lead me to ask more appropriate questions. I don't know yet, but I know that it found me for a reason and I'm going to follow the breadcrumbs. Maybe you're reading this message for a reason too? Maybe I'll see you there?

I'll update you next week when I complete the program!