WHCC Free Online Education

At Kubota Image Tools our mission is to empower photographers, and one of the ways we do this is through education. We love partnering with companies who also share this vision like WHCC. Kevin recently taught a webinar on Creating Workflow with Lightroom + Photoshop which as a WHCC customer you can access here. An outline of his webinar is below.

1. Organization

Client Folders

Client Catalog

Ease of Archiving

2. Importing

Using Presets on Import

Add Copyright/Meta Data

3. Quick Editing


Backing Up Your Files

Importance of Shortcuts

Select Keepers and Losers

4. Enhancing in LR

Global Presets already applied

Base Adjustments

Kubota Custom Presets

Adjustment Brush Effects

5. Integrating with PS

Opening from LR to PS

Skin Softening in Action Dashboard

Vignette Options

Save Back to LR and Stack

6. Export and Print

Soft Proofing / Paper Profiles

Proof Copy to Adjust to Profile

Print Export to Print Ready File

Set Color Space Adobe RGB

Sharpen Low

Save as WHCC Print Ready

Past shows have included folks like Sarah Petty, and Jed Taufer.  Webinars are free and live every Monday at 11:00am Central and last about an hour check out the full schedule here.  Next Monday July 8th is The Art + Emotion of Newborn Portraiture. Learn lighting and posing techniques as well as how to handle and soothe newborns with local Bend, OR Photographer Julia Kelleher. Thanks to WHCC for this great resource.