Defining your photography style

One of the most difficult things when starting out in the photography business can be defining yourself and your style. We all know deep down this is important, and that we should have consistent branding that our clients can identify with. Some of us don't have a huge budget that allows us to work with a marketing or branding specialist that can walk you through the process, although it may be money well spent. If you have ever been to one of Kevin's workshops or seminars you may have heard him talk about a particular “keyword” exercise. This is one of coolest things to watch people do. It can be a totally eye opening experience, when what you thought was your style or look isn’t how others see you.

So it goes like this: you compile 10 of your best images, show them to 10 people and have them identify from this list at the bottom of this page three words they would use to best describe your work. Tally your top 3 keywords and BAM! Those words will be your guide and should be incorporated into everything you do. They should be part of your website, logo, studio, marketing materials, phone message, and everything! So for example if your top three keywords are Joyful, Playful, and Fresh, but your current marketing materials are more sophisticated with a super formal font, you might want to revisit your plan. I know what you are thinking right now…. Do I even know 10 people that I can coerce into doing this?

We’ve got you covered! If you are in the process right now of identifying your style or working on your branding, we want to help! Here’s how it will work. Compile 9-10 images into ONE and save it as a .jpg. (I used the Collage Action from our Sales Session Pak in my DASHBOARD)  Email your image to and the first 10 we receive we will post on the blog. We will then ask the awesome Kubota community to choose keywords for your images. Sound good? Well don’t wait. This is an awesome opportunity to find out how your images speak to the masses!