The coolest studio strobe you've probably never heard of

I just got my hands on something groovy. It's a battery powered studio strobe by PRIOLITE. Now, battery power packs for strobes aren't new, but having one built in to the actual strobe is. With today's high power, light weight lithium batteries, it actually makes sense.

The full package, sans pesky power cords

The PRIOLITE MBX500 is made in Germany and has an extremely high-quality feel to it. It comes with a wireless remote control to tweak all settings on the flash from the comfort of your camera or lounge chair. You can control multiple strobes, of course, so setting up a completely wireless, power cordless, studio is a reality. If you've ever had a client trip over a power cord and send your expensive monolight plummeting to the earth from 10 feet up (like I have), you know what a cool idea this is.

The battery itself is very small, considering the power it helps generate, and can be quickly swapped out so that extra batteries could be kept on hand. 

You have easy control over the power, in 1/10th stop increments, as well as channels and teams (groups). The battery slides in the middle.

This is just a quick preview of the lighting kit, which includes 2-MBX500 strobes, battery chargers, the wireless remote, a high-quality large soft box, an umbrella, and 2 heavy duty light stands. Everything in the kit looks to be extremely well made, so should be a solid investment for long term use.

I'll be doing a full in-use review very soon with an actual photo shoot, so don't go far! Which do you prefer using: strobe heads with power packs, monolights, or speedlights? Share your studio lighting setup.