Magic light and Photoshop quick tip

Here's a simple, but powerful, set of tricks for getting the perfect light when in a not-so-perfect situation. Often times I want to use a groovy wide-angle lens to capture the drama of a scene, and I also want soft directional light on my subject, who happens to be smack in the middle of this expansive scene. I want my light source up nice and close so it is soft and yet confined to just my subject. What to do, what to do.

The solution is to take two shots – one with the light source exactly where you need it, and a second shot with the light source removed. The plan is to take both images in to Photoshop and use one to patch out the obnoxious light source in the other. Even if you don't use a tripod, and the images don't perfectly match up, it's easy to make a seamless blend of the two in under 60 seconds. Watch the video to see how...

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